In Search of Consciousness

Stages of consciousness
The Beautiful,
The Good, TheTrue.
Dedications to Dr. Emoto

As an individual sentient being, growing cognitively, morally, materially and spiritually, I became aware of Consciousness as both the awareness of the temporal existence of reality, as well as the multi-logical interpretation of reality. The perception of reality as the ‘ultimate reality’ is both influenced by the developmental state of my mind, as well as its existing state. My awareness of the existence of the seven chakras, through the study of Yoga, is complimented by the understanding of the existence of seven stages of psychological development of humans from archaic to magical to mythical to rational to pluralistic to integral to non-dual.

While Eastern philosophies have focused on explaining “Reality” with reference to the state of consciousness of the mind / body, as gross, subtle and causal, Western thought has represented it in a psychodynamic spiral of development, or stages of consciousness.

My sculptures and drawings in this current body of work, explore the realm of consciousness both in terms of stages of consciousness and states of consciousness.

One of my works, in mild steel and copper, layers of fabric and an added element of sound, allows an individual to experience the gross, the subtle and the causal bodies. It is a layered journey from the gross to the subtle to the causal through the experience of the root vibration at the three important locations of the body, namely- mooladhara, at the base of the body; anahata, at the region of the heart; and Agna, located between the eyebrows. These also represent the three states of consciousness, namely the waking, the dreaming and the state of deep sleep.

In the dream state, the mind is set free to imagine worlds not tied to the gross sensory realities. It can reach out and touch, almost magically, other souls and other peoples. And travel afar. As one passes from the dream state into deep sleep, thoughts and images drop away, and there is only the vast expanse beyond the egoistic “I”. Along with this infinite expanse of consciousness, there is an almost infinite expanse of energy in the form of the causal body.

The work that I have created in bronze and granite explores the openness and the vastness of the soul as I traverse through the different stages of consciousness. The black granite represents the supporting gross body.
“Dedication to Dr. Masaru Emoto”, my work in acrylic and water, is in appreciation of Dr. Emoto’s research, which shows that thoughts have the power to manifest themselves in reality. Dr. Emoto's work links the physical body to the mind. It is a link between thought and manifestation in the physical world. If the level of consciousness of an individual is raised, the impact of his or her thoughts on the surrounding universe is that much more powerful. The world talks back to us in a sense. It tells us how we affect it and thereby affect ourselves. In essence, it's like a mirror reflecting both thought and action.

According to the Vedanta of Hindu philosophy, the exploration and development of consciousness has to traverse through the five sheaths namely the annamaya, pranamaya, manomaya, vignyanamaya and anandamaya koshas, to ultimately reach the non-dual state of Oneness. Mahabindu, my work in mild steel and steel ropes, depicts symbolically the path to the ultimate bindu- the turiya or the non-dual state of Oneness.

Every interpretation of reality in the manifest world has three dimensions: the Beautiful, the Good and the True. The first person interpretation of reality deals with the “I” - with self-expression of beauty; beauty being in the eye of the beholder. The second person (you or we) interpretation refers to the good; or in other words morality. The third person (it) refers to the objective truth, which is best investigated by science and logic. One can look at any event from the point of view of the self or “I”, from the point of view of we or how others view the event; and from the point of view of ‘it’ - an objective view of the event. My premise is that, as individuals grow to higher states of consciousness, it becomes natural for them to take all three dimensions into account (tri-logical) to arrive at an effective approach to life. My work in patinated copper and glass mirrors is a symbolic expression of these three dimensions: the “I”- the Beautiful- the “we’- the Good and the “It” – the True.

And thus my search for consciousness continues……

Other Shows
  • "Energies in Space" - Solo show at Galerie Bortier, Brussels, Belgium, May 2004

  • "Energies in Space" - Solo show at Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore, India, January 2002

  • "A Visual Experience" - Inslallallon at Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore, India, Oclober 2000

  • Solo show, invited by the Stratmon Group, Brugge, Belgium, December, 1999

  • Invited lo participate at The Rinehart Hundred, The Contemporary Years, Baltimore, USA June 1996

  • One Person Show, Alliance Francaise, Bangalore, India, April 1996

  • One Person Show, Johnson Atelier, New Jersey, USA, June 1993

  • Invited to participate at the "The South of the World - The Other Contemporary Art" Marasala, Italy, Organized by the Ente Mostro Nazionale di Pittura,1991

  • Invited to participate at the Asian American Art Centre Annual Exhibition, New York,USA Seplember1990

  • Graduate Thesis Exhibition, Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, USA, March 1990.

  • Juried All India Sculpture Exhibition, Organized by the British High Commission, as part of the Henry Moore in India Programme, New Delhi, India, 1987

  • Invited to participate at the Exhibition of works by Indian Women Sculptors, organized by the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, India, 1987

  • Solo Show, Sakshi Gallery, Chennai, India, 1986

  • Contemporary Print Makingin in India, Juried exhibition, San Diego, USA, (Festival of India in USA), 1984

  • Tamilnadu State Exhibition Of Art, Juried group show, Regional Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai. India. 1985. 1983

  • Juried National Exhibition of Art, Central Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, India, 1986, 1983